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Below is a list of commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that isn't covered feel free to contact me to discuss.

  • How much does a sports massage cost?
    I offer the following treatments: ​ Sports Massage / Remedial Massage - 1 hour appt - £45 The 1st appointment requires an additional 15 mins postural assessment at no extra cost. This will allow me to gain a full understanding of the issues affecting you and compose a comprehensive treatment plan to achieve optimum results. ​ Pre Event Massage - 30 mins - £25 (best performed within a few hours prior to an event but results can also be achieved up to two days prior) ​ Post Event Massage - 30 mins - £25 (Ideally performed within 12 hours of specific event but can still be hugely beneficial within a couple of days)
  • Who can have a Sports Massage?
    Anyone! You don't need to be injured through sport or activity to feel sore and uncomfortable. Anyone can be affected by muscle dysfunction and musculoskeletal problems which can cause weakness, instability, reduced mobility and pain. Poor posture, headaches, inactivity, stress and lifestyle can all lead to discomfort and pain and can often be the most common cause. Sports Massage is not just for the super fit. If you are in pain, having to move differently or avoid activities and certain movements, Massage can directly improve the balance, posture and stability of the body, it can help prevent injury, rehabilitate current injuries and maintain optimal range of movement, it can even improve performance.
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